Best Pastries You Can Make Using Frozen Fresh Yeast

The rising of the dough is a harbinger of good pastries to be made with it. For this reason, many types of yeast are used in kitchens. The aim is to make pastries softer and more delicious. One of those yeasts is a fresh yeast, where even those who are considered inexperienced in the kitchen have kneaded dough with it even once.

Fresh yeast is an important ingredient of bakeries as well as flour. When you use it in your own kitchen, it is the most important part of the flavour of fresh yeast pastries, pizzas. In this post most of these are listed one by one. Moreover, all of the pastries on the list are very delicious, leaving you to choose which recipe to make.

  1. Katmer Pastry 

We will start with katmer pastry. It is a very delicious buttery pastry in which the shaping phase is made with the dough that is folded. You can use cheese or smashed potato for a filling.

  1. Krispy Simit

Although pastries are the most common recipes made with fresh yeast, we have not neglected to list the bagel with a crispy recipe. As in all simit recipes it is baked after dipped in molasses and sesame. You will appreciate the taste to be set in the corner of the breakfast table after you get the crispy simit out of the oven. 

  1. German Cake

Don’t be surprised that there is a cake among the fresh yeast recipes! The dough is leavened 

With the fresh yeast in the mini portion recipe of the German Cake. The recipe, in which you can prepare your cream while the dough is fermented beautifully in a corner, shares with you all the details of making German Cake at home. You can serve this in special days or events as a dessert to your guests.

  1. Pastry with Labneh

Pastry recipe that includes a pack of labneh cheese in addition to the milk in its dough! It is recommended to try this different dough of the recipe, which you can fill with olive paste, potatoes or cheese mortar as you wish.

  1. Homemade Lahmacun

Lahmacun is one of the most eaten foods outside, and it goes well with onion sumac and ayran. If you want to try a healthy recipe that you will be sure of its contents with the dough and mortar you will prepare at home instead of eating it at the restaurant, here it is.

  1. Soft Cheese Pita

Let’s take a break from making pastry and enter the kitchens for a delicious pita. Click here for the recipe where the prepared parsley and cheese filling is nicely added to the closed pita dough. You can serve this delicious recipe to your guests or your family members.

  1. Delicious Homemade Pizza

While preparing homemade pizza, you can get help from fresh yeast to ferment the dough. Afterwards, it becomes a great pizza to be put in the oven with its delicious sauce and ingredients. You can slice and serve this delicious and healthy homemade pizza to your family members.

  1. Pita with Minced Beef

You can use the fresh yeast in any pastry you want, here is one of those recipes: Making a pita with minced meat! There is a nice recipe in which the dough that you open with a rolling pin and give the shape of a pita is filled with a lot of mortar with minced meat. It should not go without saying that the pitas that you make will be beyond comparison to ready made pizzas.

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