Turkish Breakfast, what is so famous about it ? Top 10 essential tastes!

We often hear about the famous Turkish Breakfast. We also hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is a known fact that, Turkish breakfast is known with the richness of its breakfast. Breakfast takes a great place in the heart of Turkish people. We just can’t live without a great breakfast. We are now going to understand the essentials of Turkish breakfast…

1- Eggs with Soujuk

For those who cannot start the day without breakfast, the main taste of the tables is of course the eggs with soujuk. It is impossible to have a table that does not smell of Soujuk, especially for the weekend breakfast.

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2- Pastrami

The pastrami, which beautifies our day when eaten alone or when it comes to recipes, is undoubtedly one of the most delicious meat in the world. Therefore, Turkish people always appreciate its value and keep a special place for pastrami on their breakfast table.

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3- Cheese

Cheese, which is used as a good companion or a part of salads in many parts of the world, stands out as the indispensable food of breakfast tables in our country. Moreover, it is possible to find cheese for every taste in our country. White, basket, gravyer, kashkaval cheeses… There is at least one of these cheese varieties in every breakfast table!

4- Turkish Bakery

Fresh bread is the most important thing we look for when we sit on the table of Turkish Breakfast. From freshly baked Turkish bread to street simit, we cannot have any breakfast with Turkish bakery.

5- Tea

Some continue to prefer orange juice and some prefer coffee, but if it comes to Turkish breakfast, the drink is definitely clear: Black tea. There is nothing like Rize tea brewed on the stove in the morning. Our 'national drink' is indispensable for breakfast tables, it is not possible for many people to have breakfast without tea or to start the day. It doesn't matter summer or winter; A nice tea is always brewed for Turkish breakfast.

6- Jams

It is indispensable for that beautiful jam breakfast that seduces even those who do not eat fruit. Jams are important in Turkish culture and also for breakfast. Jams are important to preserve carries summer tastes to winter tables and appeals to both our eyes and our palate.

7- Olives

Black and green, the amazing olives of Aegean area is just a must for Turkish breakfast. Without olives Turkish breakfast won’t be completed.

8- Honey & Cream

Delicious honey from the highlands of Turkey and fresh cream are a perfect mixture for Turkish breakfast.

9- Tomato and Çengelköy Cucumber

The famous Çengelköy Cucumber and pink tomato are indispensable for breakfasts with its fragrance and the nutrients it contains.

10- Turkish Coffee after the breakfast

“Kahvaltı” means breakfast in Turkish. Since there is a tradition of drinking coffee after breakfast in Turkish culture, the word kahvaltı is produced from the word kahve(coffee) – altı(below). So as you can see, without driking Turkish coffee, you can not finish your breakfast!
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